Fees, Uniforms, Stationary


Zelethemba High School is a no fee school. 

There may be optional resources/opportunities that learners may pay such as (bus transport for sport/cultural events, field trips, materials in subjects such as Technology and Visual arts. 

Learners are expected to come to school ready and willing to participate actively in their own learning. To that end, learners are expected to bring materials with them for their own personal note-taking (e.g., pencils, pens).

Learners are encouraged to purchase their school’s student card.  The student card includes, but is not limited to, the benefit of participating in extra-curricular programs such as clubs and teams.  Learners involved in extra-curricular opportunities will be made aware of any additional fundraising obligations or participation fees prior to making a commitment to participate.


Learners must adhere to the Summer and Winter dress code of ZHS.  Dress is to be in good taste and appropriate to a safe, positive learning environment. Learners are to dress in a manner, which conveys respect for themselves and others. Learners are expected to be neat, well groomed and wear appropriate clothing at all times. Shoes must be worn for health reasons

Materials and Supplies

Each learner will receive a brand new set of textbooks as well stationary (books only).   Learners are then responsible for looking after their textbooks and library books and, if a learner loses a book, they will be charged for its replacement.

Learners should bring to school:

  • Pens (blue and black);
  • Pencils (graphite and colour);
  • An eraser;
  • A pencil sharpener;

A set of basic mathematical instruments (ruler, protractor, compass) will be made available to learners.

The use of Tipp-Ex, is not allowed in national examinations and therefore its use is discouraged in school.